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I am married to my wonderful husband, Timothy and we have two girls named Arya and Mila. They are 16 months apart and let me tell you it is so fun but so hard all at the same time! I went from Active Duty Military to Stay at Home Mom to now, Work From Home Mom teleworking as a civilian in the Coast Guard. I absolutely love sharing about my life raising these girls and letting other women know that we are in this together! So excited to share about our life journey, recipes, decorating, and motherhood in general. Please stick around and subscribe to my newsletter!

The people who inspire me and give me purpose: Meet my Family!


My husband is a Naval Academy Grad who served in the Navy for five years. He left the Navy as a LT and took his skills to the civilian side! We met in Jacksonville, FL and began our story! Now he is a proud dad of girls! #girldad


My daughter Arya was born on March 5th, 2018. She is one year old. She is the silliest and happiest girl ever (though she looks way too serious in these pictures haha).


My daughter Mila was born July 19th, 2019. She is currently four months old and has the biggest smile! She is the perfect addition to our family.


Of course I had to include our dog Rocky. I mean he is a part of the family after all. The sweetest German Shepherd you will ever meet, seriously not a mean bone in his body. He turns 4 Jan. 28th.










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