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Hey everyone! Today I am sharing my routine to get my family prepped for a successful and stress free week! I will give you my non overwhelming Sunday routine and there will be a downloadable Printable sent to you of my Sunday Check-List that you can use to tackle your Sunday! Just enter your email and subscribe to the newsletter!

One of the first things I like to get done on Sundays is:

  • Meal Planning/Grocery Pick up

I use a book that I have mentioned a TON but it is called Cook Once Eat All Week. It gives me my grocery list for dinners so it makes it super easy for dinner planning. I then go on to think about easy breakfast ideas. Since I work from home I have a nanny come to my house to care for the girls while I work, having an easy breakfast that she can give my Toddler (since my infant is not on solids yet) is essential to make mornings run smooth. I think of easy breakfast ideas for myself as well. This usually includes Egg Muffins (healthy and quick) as well as making Egg Bites like the ones at Starbucks. Grocery pick up makes my Sunday so much smoother with having two kiddos. I have a set time I go and pick up my groceries and I am not spending time at a grocery store. It also helps me stick to a grocery budget!

  • Plan Outfits for The Week

Every Sunday I plan outfits based on the weather. I do this for the girls and for myself. I write down the weather for the week and I pick outfits according to weather and what we are doing that day. An easy way to do this is to take note cards and write down the weather for each day (one notecard for each day of the week). Then set out your clothes under each notecard for the day. This is good for my visual people! I also use this organizer from Amazon for the girls! I love that its labeled for the week and even has pockets on the sides to place shoes! Kids Organizer Click Here.

  • Wipe Down Bathrooms

I love waking up to a fresh week with clean bathrooms! This isn’t a deep clean but a simple wipe down of the counters and toilet and a sweep or vacuum. I usually do tub scrubbing on my deep cleaning day. Let me know if you would like a checklist for my deep cleaning days as well!

  • Fold a Load of Laundry

Laundry is never ending. I work with the philosophy of washing and folding a load a day. That way I am never overwhelmed and I am always keeping up with it as much as I can. So on Sundays I fold one load of laundry!

  • Fridge Cleanout

I love unloading groceries into a clean and decluttered fridge. On Sundays I declutter and get rid of any expired foods and wipe down the entire fridge that way when I come home with my pick up order I can unload the groceries and organize them in the clean fridge.

  • Kitchen/Living/Dining area Clean Up

On Sunday night after the kiddos are in bed my husband tackles the dishes and I tackle the kitchen wipe down. That way we wake up to a nice clean kitchen to start off the week. I wipe down the dining room table and make sure all toys and pillows/blankets on the couches are placed away properly. Waking up to a clean home on Monday is already a mood booster.

  • Vacuum

I vacuum on the daily but on Sundays I vacuum both upstairs and downstairs to prep for the week.

  • Self Care

Once the kiddos are in bed and the downstairs area is clean I usually go upstairs hop in the shower. After I blow dry my hair, do eyebrows, paint nails, and usually put on a facemask. This is my self care time and my time to prep myself so that I am able to wake up in the morning before the kiddos, get ready quickly, and begin the day! Getting dressed and ready each morning keeps me productive and in a better mood and attitude throughout the day! My kids wake up around 6:30am-7am so yes, this means I am up at 5:30am each morning so that I also can drink my coffee in peace. It is so worth it and you honestly just learn to embrace that early morning alone time.

I hope this post helps your Sunday’s and week run smoothly! Tackle that to do list and rock your week! Don’t forget to subscribe to be sent the Sunday Check-List Printable!





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