Unique Christmas Traditions

Hi everyone! Christmas is near and we are all excited about doing our Christmas traditions and starting some new ones.  I have included eight unique Christmas Traditions for you below. I am so excited about this post! I asked so many people about their Christmas Traditions and picked the most unique ones I found! Our unique three traditions we do each year are also included. Enjoy!


  • On Christmas Eve have the kiddos go outside and plant round peppermints before heading to bed. Replace them with Candy Canes when they are asleep so they wake up to sprouted Candy Canes! How awesome is this idea?


  • Create a “torture present” for handsy kiddos! It is the first present to get unwrapped. They can do whatever to find out what it is except let the wrapping paper tear. Super fun!


  • This is one Tim and I do with the girls passed down from his Uncle! We open one Christmas gift an hour! That way the kiddos can enjoy each toy or appreciate each item they receive. During the in between time while we wait to open the other gift we bake cookies, watch Christmas movies, do a Christmas activity outside, etc. It makes the magic of Christmas and anticipation last ALL DAY!


  • Another one that Tim and I do with the kiddos is unwrap a book each night until Christmas. I wrap up 24 books (Elf on The Shelf exclusively for December 1st and Polar Express exclusively for Christmas Eve) and I have the girls open one each night to read! It is so fun as it is like getting a present each night! Thriftbooks is a great place to get good used books for good pricing!


  • I’ll go ahead and share another one of our unique traditions that we do. So if you have seen Polar Express then you know how important the ringing bell is. Each night on Christmas Eve we say “I believe” and ring the bell to signify our belief in Santa Claus and making sure we all still hear the bell. If you do not get this tradition you will once you watch The Polar Express!


  • Another one I learned about also signifies Polar Express. Print golden tickets for each of the kids and place it on their pillows. Ask them to go up to their rooms and retrieve their tickets. When they come down the car is started with Christmas Music and Hot Cocoa to go cups with cookies ready to go on a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. You can get super creative with this one!


  • Search 25 random acts of kindness and soo many blog posts come up about doing something kind each day in December! What a great way to spread the holiday spirit of giving and kindness and to share that within your family tradition!


  • Last but not least go out and buy yourself a white tree skirt. Each Christmas have your kiddos put their hand prints on it. That way you can look back on it each year especially when they are off to do life.


I hope you enjoyed these unique traditions! Comment below which one you will try from the list or if you have any unique traditions you want to share!





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