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With so many toys and things on the market it is hard to narrow down what to get for your toddlers’ this Christmas. Below I have some of our favorite things that we have purchased for our toddler. We do not buy toys that flash, make noise, speak, etc. We like the imagination of play to come from our toddler so that is a big reason we stick to these toys. Plus they also last longer as they can be used for years to come! Busytoddler on Instagram has such insightful information about open-ended toys check her out!

The first item I want to talk about is The Nugget! This awesome furniture item/toy lets kids build forts, make slides, and soo much more. So versatile and we use ours to also lay out as a family and have movie nights! I highly recommend signing up for email alerts on their website as their awesome colors sell out super fast and with the holidays approaching many are out of stock and only having a few restocks!

The Nugget$229

Another great toy that toddlers can use and grow with is a play kitchen. We like to stick to a simple kitchen that doesn’t make sounds or lights up. She has full freedom to use her imagination. The one we own is by Elves and Angels.

Elves and Angels Play Kitchen *Price varies on kitchen you choose

Melissa and Doug toys are some of our favorites! They allow for so much imaginative play! Some of the ones we have on the Christmas list for the girls is The stand mixer set, wooden food for their kitchen, stacking train, puzzles, and wooden blocks! All these toys are toys that they can grow with and use for years to come!

If you are looking to get your play room up and going a good edition to The Nugget would be Wiwiurka Toys. They have some awesome indoor wooden play grounds that do not take up a ton of space and allow for a lot of imaginative play. This one is definitely a splurge just like The Nugget. There Instagram account @wiwiurka_toys has some awesome ideas on how to get creative with playrooms.

Lego Duplos and Lincoln Logs are both classic toys that every household should have with toddlers! Let their imagination go wild with building all kinds of things with these toys! These can be found on amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.! Very easy toy to grab for Christmas.

Last but not least, MEMBERSHIPS! Memberships to aquariums, zoos, children’s museums, and more! Memberships make a great gift especially if you want to gift something to another family’s children! Something they can enjoy year round.

For my book lovers Thriftbooks is another amazing source to get lots of used books at great pricing sent right to your door! You can choose what type of condition you want the book in as well and that will determine the pricing. I use this all the time to get books for the girls and it is the perfect website to order used Christmas books from.

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