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Spring is here! Well not in Maine as it just snowed yesterday after we had beautiful 60 degree weather this weekend… go figure! Hopefully where you are you are already getting to enjoy the Spring weather and I am so pumped for it to fully arrive here in Maine. With season changes I always love to change up some of the décor in my house. I tend to go all out for holidays when it come to decorating such as Halloween and Christmas but for season changes I usually just update a few things in the home. I am going to be showing you all some easy and budget friendly ways to update your home for Spring. This décor can also be easily converted into Summer décor as I will explain later on!

This first DIY is a Dollar Tree favorite! I have seen so many people make this three tiered tray and paint it all kinds of ways. You can really make it to your liking. I bought a metal pizza pan, a cake pan, and a pie pan along with two glass candle holders to make this tray. An easy way to paint this would be to just spray paint each piece before you glue the tray together. I decided I wanted a bit of a distressed look to my tray so I took white paint that you can find at any craft store or even Wal-Mart, and painted each piece with a disposable foam brush. After it dried I took gorilla glue and glued the trays to the glass candle holder and let it dry over night. I do not recommend hot glue as it is not strong enough. To decorate this tray I used some plastic eggs from Dollar Tree as well as moss. For the carrots I had some laying around from last year but I have seen them at the Target dollar spot and some at Dollar Tree as well. The Target dollar spot had some pastel eggs as well that were not plastic if you would rather decorate with those. I added a green bunny at the top which I got from T.J. Maxx (Target has a white ceramic bunny at their dollar spot you can use for a cheaper option and even paint it if you don’t want it to blend with the white tray).  This is such a versatile piece that you can change out with the seasons and super inexpensive to make.

The next DIY is so simple and has practically no drying time. You will have these done quickly and you can customize these to your liking. Dollar Tree has these galvanized flower tins that you can grab and they say flowers and garden on them or something to that extent. You can simply take this mesh ribbon I used (found at any craft store) and wrap it around the tin if you do not want the words displayed or you can take nail polish remover and scrub the words off (takes a bit of elbow grease). I added a foam insert so I can stick flowers into the tin (all found at dollar tree). I then added my flowers into the tin and done! Super simple! I put two of these on each side of my entertainment stand where our TV is. I also got extra flowers at dollar tree and changed up my galvanized tins in my dining room as well as added some to my coffee bar to add a touch of Spring. If you want to obtain flowers that will last you years to come then I suggest getting some from your craft store such as Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Etc. I like to change my type of flowers up each year so I usually just get mine from the Dollar Tree.

Other simple and inexpensive ways to add a touch of Spring to your home is changing up your throw pillows. I added blush pink pillows to my couch to add some color. You can find tons of pillow covers on Amazon so that you are not constantly buying pillows and having a huge stash of them. When I had my Fall décor pillows I just ordered Christmas pillow covers (make sure you are getting the correct sizes) and just put the covers on top of my Fall pillows. It saves you money and storage space! If you have wall shelves those are also super simple to decorate for the seasons. I added a blush pink bunny for Easter as well as a small pink Easter sign I found (both at T.J. Maxx) so that it can correlate with the pillows. If you have a blanket ladder hanging a blanket specific to the season on there is another easy decorating idea. For the kitchen all I did was change out my spoon rest and added some of those carrots into the Rae Dunn stand I have on my kitchen counter which can be found at Hobby Lobby. Changing out your décor towels in your kitchen is something I always do with the seasons and holidays. If you have an indoor wreath, having a simple green one is an easy way to transition for the seasons. I went simple this year and added two pink flowers to each end but you can definitely go all out and get some flowers at Dollar Tree and easily cut a bit of the stem off the flowers and stick them into the wreath. That way they are easy to take off and transition for another season.


































































I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your home! Please share any ideas you have or what your favorite things to change up for the seasons are in your home!






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